Full-bodied red, fruity rosé and refreshing white wines - honest and pure


After the most careful selection, only the best of our harvest is processed. The use of both traditional and modern winery technology and minimal preserving measures make our wine not only rich in character but also very palatable.

Torre Enmedio Tinto (D.O.C.)

This full-bodied red wine from the limestone hills behind the Costa Blanca is made from the internationally renowned Cabernet Sauvignon (70 %) and Merlot grapes.

Its mild acidity combined with the firm and delicately structured tannin of fully ripened grapes is further refined by maturing it in oak barrels for a year. It is perfect as an accompaniment for fine cuisine or everyday meals.

To develop its full aroma and velvety freshness, this wine should be served at 18°C.

Torre Enmedio Rosado (D.O.C.)

Cultivated on the limestone slopes of the Costa Blanca, this rosé is produced on our finca Torre Enmedio from equal parts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes.

It is light and fruity with a refreshing acidity tending towards raspberry and strawberry aromas. Served well chilled, this is a perfect summer wine. 

Torre Enmedio Blanco (D.O.C.) - exhilarating wine full of summer elegance

Our white wine is also produced on the limestone slopes of the Costa Blanca on our finca Torre Enmedio. It is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, one of the oldest varieties and today one of the most popular among winelovers throughout the world. 

Our pure Sauvignon Blanc wine is juicy and voluminous on the palate and offers a wide range of aromas coupled with a crisp freshness. Its captivating taste combines redcurrant, gooseberry and ripe citrus accents with special mineral notes.