Elaboration - modern winemaking technology meets traditional concepts


In contrast with local Spanish wine, ours is a typical Bordeaux wine made of 2/3 Cabernet Sauvignon and 1/3 Merlot grapes. Since we do not buy in grapes or blend different harvests, our wine is always specific to its own location and vintage.

We consciously refrain from fining our wines. That means that we do not adjust the tannin content of our wines using gelatine or by adding tannin. Thanks to ample storage capacity, we can give our wine the time it needs to fully ferment and clarify. Neither do we increase the alcohol content of our wine by reducing its water content, whether by adding sugar or by any other method.

In this way, each of our wines develops its own personality each year, reflecting the weather conditions.

And the good locations of our vineyards have another advantage: due to the dry climate, we can reduce spraying against pests to a minimum, a mere fraction of what is used in more northern countries.


The key factors for good quality wine are excellent grape quality and the guarantee that the grapes will be processed as fast as possible after harvesting. Short distances and effective winemaking technology ensure that our grapes are already in the fermentation tanks within an hour after harvesting, so that oxidation damage is prevented.  

  • Our red wine (70 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 30 % Merlot) is aged for a year in barriques (American oak barrels 2-4 years old). In this way, it does not develop a strong wood aroma, but still benefits from microoxidation and gentle diffusion of oxygen through the pores of the wood.
  • Our rosé (50 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 50 % Merlot) only remains on the mash for a few hours (less tannin and colour) and then flows without pressure into the cooling container for fermentation and natural clarification.
  • Our white wine (100 % Sauvignon Blanc) is processed in the gentlest way, like all our wines, thanks to short distances and modern technology. By giving it as much time as it needs and ensuring an uninterrupted cooling chain, we preserve its freshness and aroma.

State-of-the-art winemaking technology (fermentation cooling / cold stabilisation / microfiltration etc.) combined with a traditional winemaking concept guarantee that we retain character and body. We willingly accept a certain amount of sedimentation.

All this is possible only because of our relatively small-scale production and our limited number of customers. For commercial wines which are sold in large quantities (supermarkets), these methods would not be practicable.

Our wine is normally drunk young (2-6 years old) and our storage conditions are also gentler than is usual in the trade. Because of this, we need only minimal chemical stabilisation and minimal amounts of sulphur.

Produced without commercial time pressures, our wines are characterised by low acidity and palatability.

All of our wines are constantly monitored by qualified oenologists.